competition winners


Jun'13: King Kong Competition

G. Schroeder, VIC


May'13: Chalk Art Competition

Prize 1 - Flights to London: D. Fyfe, NSW
Prize 2 - Flights to Paris: B. Murray, NSW
Prize 3 - Flights to New York: G. Moore, VIC

Apr'13: Romantic Maui Competition

M. Wishart, SA


Jan'13: Mini iPad competition

L. Baker, QLD

Dec'12: Korea Gangnam Style Package

A. Masters, NSW

Nov'12: Facebook Cyprus Competition

Prize 1 - $500 Travel Voucher: D. Henderson, NSW
Prize 2 - Signed framed photograph of Cyprus: S. Wenban, NSW
Prize 3 - Cypriot Cookbook: J. Lee, VIC

Oct'12: WIN an Iconic Melbourne Cup Experience

J. Connellan, VIC

Sep'12: Travel Survey

L. Maladay, VIC


Aug'12: WIN a WarHorse Experience
J. Robinson, NSW

July'12: WIN a Designer Oz Escape

J. Ali, VIC

May/June'12: WIN a tropical escape approved by Life

J. Gardner-Marlin, NSW

Apr/May'12: WIN your way to Tasmania

S. Morris

Apr/May'12: Leave your footprint

L. Coe, NSW

Mar/Apr'12: Facebook Photo Competition

Week 1 winner: K. Burr
Week 2 winner: A. Ezzel
Week 3 winner: P. Swarbick

Jan'12: Annual Survey

P. Booker, WA

Dec'11: 12 Days of Christmas Competition

Day 1 winner: M. Reynolds, WA
Day 2 winner: M. O'Brian, VIC
Day 3 winner: C. Milly, NSW
Day 4 winner: K. Matyas, QLD
Day 5 winner: S. Pilbean, QLD
Day 6 winner: A. Melton, NT
Day 7 winner: G. Hurry, QLD
Day 8 winner: S. Peach, NSW
Day 9 winner: E. Noble, WA
Day 10 winner: A. Mangott, QLD
Day 11 winner: J. Singh, VIC
Day 12 winner: TBA

Nov/Dec'11: Win an iPhone 4S
S. Rocchi, VIC

Nov'11: Fly your way with $5K
R. Bridgeman, NSW

Oct'11: WIN a Samsonite Cosmolite

G. Boland, QLD

Sep'11: Win 2 tickets to Asia

C. Fourro, NSW

Aug'11: Win a trip to Samoa 
S. Carroll, NSW

Jul'11: Win an iPad Competition

B. Wilson, VIC

Jul'11: Delicious Malaysia 

S. Gourley, VIC

Mar'11: Share your travel experience
Week 1 winner: J. Broad, VIC
Week 2 winner: J. Bennett, VIC
Week 3 winner: P. Morisson, WA
Week 4 winner: D. Harwood, TAS
Major prize winner: J. Broad, VIC

Mar'11: Win a $1000 Blue gift voucher
U. Stratton, VIC

Jan'11: Win a trip to New Zealand 
G. Gerakiteys, NSW